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What Up Bitch?

So you've looked through all of the Collective Soul albums at the mall and can't find salvation through their "soulful" lyrics. It's time to put down those lame cd's and delve deep into the pseudo- unglamorous glam rock that embodies the New Originals. Swamis and poets have traveled hundreds of miles to our foggy seaside home to find out just who the New Originals think they are. They just are.
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I'm gonna be frank with you: this site is the lamest damn site on the internet. I suppose since we don't know who you are, we'll show you this one just to spite you. The site's creators are already hard at work at a "good" website that we probably will not show to you. Why? What the hell have you done to deserve it? So to wrap this up, Hey Richard Simmons get off me!!!!
Look out world, we have a logo!
Adding captions makes my pictures more interesting.

Notifying Visitors of Breast Enhancements
When a rock and roll breast enhancement occurs, we'll be there!!
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We Want To Get Rich Quick From Our Web Site!
A silk monogrammed rock and roll robe and expensive champagne are in the cards for all of the New Originals. We were born to be rich, so please don't deprive us of our money which you possess! I mean seriously man, how would you feel if you weren't rich? Probably like a poor man, but even poorer since some stupid Canadian web site surfers are holding your money for ransom in a Swiss bank account, gaining millions in interest everyday. I quote Shakespeare:"Gimme thou money el bitch!" 'Nuff said.

If we had a video here, it would be Clit Lickers 2:The Revenge of Stacy.
It isn't fair to the Japanese when we spit on their television sets.
For God's sake send us an e'mail! Why else would we write it two whole times? So write us at! Send us another e'mail after that if your first e'mail got a positive response! And then after that there may be a period that we forget to respond, but it is only because we are touring the southern states, drunk on homemade moonshine and flaming jack's flamenco porridge. So I guess my point is to e'mail us so we get the e'mails that you e'mail through your e'mail system! God bless.

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